Friday, July 29, 2016

Students' Gambling Behaviors and Beliefs in College?

Students' Gambling Behaviors and Beliefs in College?
University of Michigan, 2007
The growing presence of gambling in popular culture, such as ESPN's World Series of Poker, has been accompanied by more gambling activities on college campuses. Gambling has become more integrated into popular culture and has become commonplace among college-aged persons in particular. These trends forecast serious challenges for American colleges and universities. In this issue, we discuss the gambling behaviors and beliefs of college students in order to identify threats to their personal and educational welfare. We also address the discrepancies between students' behaviors and beliefs in order to show how those most threatened by the dangers of gambling may also be the most resistant to support and oversight.
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Samuels, E. M., & Matney, M. M. (2007). "Students' Gambling Behaviors and Beliefs in College?"What's on Our Student's Minds, 3 (2).

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