Friday, July 29, 2016

Student Life Learning Outcomes

Student Life has developed a set of learning outcomes as a result of its work in Integrative Learning, and in specific the MPortfolio. These outcomes particularly feature the work of Student Life in terms of teaching self-authorship, navigating conflict, creating one’s own learning, and identifying and understanding multiple perspectives. Within the Integrative Learning realm, these outcomes have been tested and found to hold together well in that context, even as we “beta test” a few key additions across all units.
What do these Student Life Learning Outcomes do to support our work? They...
• Create a broad picture of student learning gains as a result of interaction with Student Life offerings. Creating a plan that provides data from across the Student Life, including Collective Impact and other collaborative initiatives, we will be able to demonstrate tangible outcomes of Student Life work.
• Incorporate shared measurements across all units of Student Life. This does not mean that every unit will only use these learning outcomes. However, it does mean that every unit will incorporate elements of Student Life-wide learning outcomes.
• Determine additional learning outcomes. We want these learning outcomes to reflect the breadth of student learning across Student Life offerings.
• Create collaborative student learning initiatives. Through pursuit of these learning outcomes, the next generation of Collective Impact work might be derived.
• Prepare the Division for the University's 2020 accreditation work. We know that student learning outcomes were a key element of the University's 2010 self-study. We want to be in the best possible position to define the deliverables and outcome for the University in this next accreditation round.
As you apply these Student Life Learning Outcomes to your work, be sure to connect with Malinda Matney to make sure we reflect your work in our larger description of Student Life work.

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