Friday, July 29, 2016

Integrative Learning in Student Life Part II

(15 minutes, 2 of 3)
In this video, Dr. Patricia Gurin, Dr. Martha Kirpes, student Praveen Loganathan, and UC 170 Co-Coordinator Scott Kohen, describe the application of Integrative Learning pedagogy and the MPortfolio tool in the context of UC 170: "Making the Most of Michigan." This course integrates the variety of interventions first year students participate in, learning about leadership and the college experience, and integrative portfolio pedagogy into a reflective whole. This learning helps first year students intentionally navigate their Michigan experience in varied contexts in and outside of the classroom. Engaged Learning Partnerships Director Shari Robinson-Lynk describes the application of integrative pedagogy into a cross-university service learning initiative.

"Is this just something that happens at UM, or is this something that I will continue on into my work experience? The answer is 'yes'."

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